Ellen & Gareth

Ellen had to be one of the most organised brides we had worked with and had her every detail of her wedding day planned out and a strict and organised schedule was provided to all those involved. It was clear she had put lots of thought and time into their wedding day, to create a wonderful English & Chinese celebration just after Chinese New Year on 24th February.

Ellen Wedding Prep

We arrived at her hotel suite at Hollins Hall in Shipley, West Yorkshire punctually of course to find Ellen and her bridesmaids, and mother getting ready. The room had been decorating with red balloons and Chinese symbols, and Ellen looked radiant in a red robe she was wearing as having her hair done. Red signifies good luck and happiness in Chinese culture and Ellen was beaming with happiness and excitement, a little emotion and nerves thrown in there too.

BrideThe girls from Beauty in Bloom were doing a fabulous job of perfecting the bridal parties, not to mention keeping Ellen in check as the emotions got the better of her, waterproof mascara was definitely a wise choice!

Narrative.Still009Gareth was calm and collected if not a little nervous, he joked and chatted with his best man but as he opened Ellen’s generous and thoughtful gifts it was clear to see he very touched by her sentiment.

Gareth & Best ManAfter the ceremony Ellen and Gareth high on life braved the British outdoors to have their photo’s taken where Ellen excitedly giggled the whole time.

Narrative.Still001A quick change for Ellen into a traditional Chinese wedding outfit and time for the Wedding breakfast, they had also included some Chinese traditions such as the tea service which took place once the guests were seated for the wedding breakfast, this was a lovely moment shared between the couple and their parents and all the guests watched on with intrigue.

Wedding Tea Service
Once the evening guests started to arrive and it was time for things to really get going, Ellen and her girlfriends had even coordinated a dance routine which they executed perfectly and Ellen shone through out!It was such a beautiful, happy day wonderfully coordinated and showing their Chinese and English heritage and personalities through out. We were really honoured to be chosen to capture this fantastic wedding day.

Wedding Dance

We wish Ellen & Gareth lots of love and happiness.

Ellen & Gareth